• SmartJog Benefits

Friendly user interface to facilitate your operations

The Smartjog interface allows to treamline operations by organizing features and providing responsive feedback, empowering users to accomplish tasks efficiently.

Drag & Drop

Move your files and folders by clicking and dragging them to desired location(s).
Easy to search your recipients.
Easy to filter by client type.
Easy to check and confirm the delivery order.

Track at a glance

Monitor in real-time all your operations.
Our interface allows to check outbound and inbound files either completed or still processing.
Easy to filter per date / per sender company / per text.
Supervise transfers per tracking number and track folder.
Receive notification upon delivery completion.

Prioritize your traffic in one click

You can prioritize both your inbound and your outbound traffic.
Check in a global view the progress of the files and folders you are either sending or receiving.
Change the delivery order according to your priorities.