• SmartJog Benefits

Interoperability with the cloud providers

The Smartjog platform enables the automation of your content workflows by offering customizable features that adapt to various tasks and requirements specific to your operations. Our tools streamline processes by reducing manual labor, increasing efficiency, and promoting consistency. As a result, you can focus on strategic and creative aspects of their work, enhancing your overall productivity.

Create automation to exchange your content with multiple recipients

Easy to use the Smartjog platform to set up Smart Folders
Smart Folder create the automation and assign it to specific Distribution Lists.
Each Distribution List includes all your recipients involved in any specific distribution workflow.
Your files and folders will be delivered to multiple recipients simultaneously.

Decide content delivery day & time in advance

While sending through Distribution List, you can select the “Send Hidden” feature.
You will easily define due date & time for the final delivery.
The files will start being sent to the recipient but will remain encrypted, locked and hidden.
The files will eventually be revealed to the recipient as per your decision.

Decide where you wante the recieved content to end up

Easy to set up routing rules using the Smartjog platform.
Our export setting tools allow you to direct the received files to the right locations in your environment through automate process.