SmartJog provides a web service Application Programming Interfaces to support customer integrations. As a member of the SmartJog Network, these APIs enables you to use the SmartJog file transfer service directly from your own application. Every feature available from the SmartJog Web portal and the server gateway can be achieved using these APIs.


Before going into the technical details, bear in mind the range of benefits that SmartJog’s APIs brings to your business or how it can streamline your operations.



There are many ways that APIs can bring innovation.

One of the most important ways is by providing a tool for your developers to easily access data and functionality from the SmartJog service. It leads to significant improvements and new capabilities within your systems.

More than ever, a company that invests in innovation and technology makes a difference.


Due to your unique needs and expectations, allowing your developers to access and use data and functionality from SmartJog service improves your customization.

In this way, developers can customize your application, your internal or external website to tailor it to the needs of your users, your operations or your visitors, making the user experience more flexible and personalized.


API integration is the key to automating the processes of an application. So in terms of development agility and time saving, APIs are essential.

Integrate SmartJog’s APIs improve your automation processes, making tasks that were once manual now effortless thanks to connected application.


Costs saving

One of the best benefits of the APIs is their capability to save costs. Developing an application from scratch means investing in several costs of development, not often cost-effective.

Using APIs means that developers can get most of the software functionalities they need to create applications, without the necessity of building them from scratch. This means saving time, effort, and costs, allowing the development team to focus on other goals.

How to ?

To start your discovery with the SmartJog’s APIs, please visit our online smartjog api documentation section for a detailed explanation.

Please read this documentation carefully, it contains all the information that you will need to successfully integrate with SmartJog.

As a prerequisite to use and integrate these APIs, your organization must be part of the SmartJog network.

Per our Security policy and then same as any SmartJog user accessing to the service, a key pair to provide your system authentication has to be issued.

This certificate contains a randomly generated unique identifier, with an identifiable per-service pattern.

If you have any questions to use our APIs, please contact your SmartJog representative.

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