• SmartJog Benefits

NextGen orchestrator to manage your media processing workflows

The Smartjog platform is integrated with the Cognacq-Jay Image Non Linear media asset processing service. This orchestrator service based on a BPM modelling streamline the delivery processes by reducing intermediate stops, increasing efficiency, and delivering final endpoints. As a result, you can focus on strategic and creative aspects of the supply chain, enhancing your overall productivity. Please speak to your SmartJog representative to get information about access to the service.


The new Cognacq-Jay Image Non Linear media asset processing service lets you create assets ready for any playback usage, from playout systems to OTT platforms.
Every feature of this BPM orchestrator system can be managed through the its RESTful API.
The API uses JSON structures for the definition of each element.


In the BPM orchestrator, a Workflow is a suite of Steps that has been constructed to represent the entire media asset process.
Each Step is also constructed with a suite of Actions that are then distributed across the available resources.
A Workflow is defined in JSON notation, and tells the BPM orchestrator precisely how to execute that Workflow.


Schema illustrating the Smartjog NextGen orchestrator for managing your media