Help you to streamline and implement your media content exchange workflows

Back by 20 years of experience, the Smartjog expert team can help companies design, streamline, and implement their content delivery workflows. By leveraging their expertise in media technologies, operations, and best practices, they can create customized global delivery workflows that cater to each company’s unique requirements.

Assessment and analysis

The Smartjog team begins by conducting a thorough assessment of the company’s current content delivery workflow, infrastructure, and performance. They analyze pain points, inefficiencies, and bottlenecks, as well as identify areas for improvement.

Strategy development

Based on the assessment, the Smartjog team devises a tailored strategy to optimize the content delivery workflow. This may involve recommending specific integrations that align with the company’s goals and requirements.

Workflow design

The team designs a new content delivery workflow, taking into consideration factors like content ingestion, transcoding, storage, distribution, access control, and analytics. They ensure that the workflow is scalable, secure, and efficient.

Automation and optimization

The Smartjog team helps automate repetitive tasks in the workflow, to improve efficiency and reduce manual errors. They also optimize the workflow to ensure content is delivered quickly and with minimal buffering.

Continuous improvement

The team works with the company to periodically review the content delivery workflow and identify areas for further optimization, ensuring that the workflow remains efficient and up to date with industry standards.

Connect all the members of your ecosystem and provide them with the appropriate training & support

Smartjog plays a critical role in helping media companies connect all members of their ecosystem, including artists, content provider, sport leagues, labs, to its Media File Transfer platform. We provide technical expertise and support to provide each member with the most appropriate gateway and ensure that it is configured correctly. At the end, all members of the ecosystem can connect and use the service seamlessly.

Smartjog gateway

We provide guidance on how to select the best edge gateway, among various servers options and on-premises versus cloud deployments. We also help to configure and integrate the edge gateway with other systems and applications within each ecosystem member’s environment.

We also help our customers and their partners to set up user accounts and permissions for accessing the platform. This can include creating user profiles, assigning roles and permissions, and setting up workflows and approval processes to ensure that only authorized users can access and transfer files.

Training and documentation

The team provides comprehensive training and documentation to ensure that company staff understand the new workflow and can operate it effectively.

Monitoring and support

The Smartjog team offers ongoing 24/7 monitoring and support to ensure the content delivery workflow functions smoothly. They proactively troubleshoot issues, provide updates on best practices, and recommend adjustments as needed to maintain optimal performance.

Overall, and because it is not only about technology, Smartjog has built a strong reputation over the years to provide invaluable assistance to customers looking to connect all members of their ecosystem to a reliable and flexible media file transfer platform. By providing technical expertise, ongoing support, and the appropriate technological solutions, we help customers streamline their workflows, improve collaboration, and enhance the security and efficiency of their media file transfer processes.

Manage your strategic workflows and help you to meet the SLA with your partners

Smartjog can manage Night of Air delivery or Super Accelerated Workflow for your premium content such TV shows for example. Therefore, it helps meeting your Service Level Agreement (SLA) by implementing an efficient and automated system, proactively monitored by our international support team. This system will handle content ingestion, storage, and automated distribution to ensure timely delivery to multiple recipients worldwide.

Content Ingestion

Smartjog allows for the easy ingestion of Night of Air content, supporting multiple file formats and methods.


Smartjog offers secure and scalable storage options to accommodate the growing library of Night of Air content. Additionally, implement redundancy and backup measures to protect the content from data loss or corruption.

Workflow Automation

Smartjog streamline the entire content delivery workflow by automating repetitive tasks. Users will use the Smartjog Distribution Lists (ici renvoyer par un clic à l’article “Using the Smartjog Smart Folders & Distribution List features” dans la page AUTOMATED WORKFLOWS) to manage the list of recipients and assign it to such Night of Air workflows. The customer’s scheduling system will automatically send a delivery report to Smartjog, listing the scheduled Air dates. Smartjog will insert keywords using a specific tool to identify the files transfer as the utmost priority. This will help reduce errors and improve overall efficiency.

Notifications and Alerts

The Smartjog staff will monitor and prioritize the Night of Air files as needed. Set up notifications and alerts are implemented to inform relevant stakeholders of any issues or changes in the content delivery process. This will help maintain transparency and ensure that SLA requirements are met.

By following these steps, the Smartjog platform can efficiently manage Night of Air premium content delivery workflow and meet the SLA requirements, ensuring a seamless and high-quality experience for customers.

Case Study

MAJOR STUDIO Super Accelerated Workflow


Studios benefit from a Super Accelerated Workflow managed by the world-class Smartjog media file transfer platform. Our cutting-edge solution streamlines content management and distribution by automating processes, reducing turnaround times, and ensuring seamless collaboration among their global partners. By leveraging Smartjog, studios can focus on producing high-quality content while enjoying improved efficiency, enhanced security, and cost savings, ultimately positioning themselves as leaders in the competitive media landscape.

Schema showing Smartjog media file transfer ecosystem


The studio manages the overall operations of the Smartjog Super Accelerated Workflow and places order with its preferred vendors


The studio also creates and manage a list of assigned recipients (the Smartjog Distribution List) used by all its affiliates worldwide to automate the global files delivery.


The vendors fill the orders by supplying the requested files. The files are sent from the vendors facility to final recipients worldwide


The Studio’s scheduling system sends delivery order to Smartjog, listing the scheduled Air Dates


The Smartjog platform will insert keywords in a dedicated tool to identify the transfers as the utmost priority


The vendor uploads the files into the Smartjog platform, what automatically triggers the prioritization of the SAW transfer


An alert is raised in case no data movement is detected after a short period of time, defined in common with the Studio, following the sending


The Smartjog team will proactively inform the Studio and its vendors in case the transfer remains uncompleted for any reason and within a period of time defined in common with the Studio


Actions will be taken to resolve any issue at any level to resume the files delivery until completion.

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