Technology Overview

As a customer side view, SmartJog is a SaaS, which stands for Software as a Service. Thus means that we do host the file delivery technology and make it available to our customers over the internet as a service.

Everything that happens before any file is being transferred from a sender to a recipient happens in the background through a platform divided into several technical areas.

To keep it simple, let’s describe two parts :

  • the client side is the combination of an appliance and a Web portal access
  • the backend side is our infrastructure (PoP, network, hardware, software) deployed within some private Datacenters across the world


The way to send and receive files is operated through a dedicated customer appliance.

This appliance acting as an edge gateway allowing the use of the SmartJog Exchange global private network, is available :

  • As a software only model being able to run on a virtual machine
  • As a software only to be deployed in a public Cloud infrastructure
  • As an on-premises physical server provided by SmartJog and ready to use

The appliance running on Linux operating system is based on Open Source applications as well as a series of in-house developed modules.

Connecting to the SmartJog closed network is done via a secure VPN connection through the appliance.

The specific transfer protocol (RBC), allows reliable data transfers to operate at the maximum link speed under all conditions, even in the case of high latency or packet loss.

All file transfers are guaranteed with 100% data integrity.

The file delivery starts when it is uploaded to the SmartJog appliance.

When the file is sent to a SmartJog recipient, its electronic signature is first calculated followed by encryption with the recipient’s public key. The file is then transferred to the nearest POP and finally routed to the final destination.

At the receiving point, the file is first decrypted and the electronic signature is recalculated to ensure its integrity.

If the result is correct, the file is then made available within the reception appliance. The received file can then be automatically transferred to a NAS, SAN, minimizing user interaction with the file.

Access to the SmartJog management interface is available through a Web portal.

Users connect using their electronic certificate, guaranteeing secure and unique access.

The SmartJog management interface allows various functionalities divided into different categories.

Users can initiate delivery orders, view status information including real-time tracking, transfer logs, share files with a third party, and many other additional features.

Finally, notifications (emails or API calls) are sent to both sender and receiver once the transfer is complete


The SmartJog backend technical architecture is divided into three concepts :

  • Network & Infrastructure stands for the whole SmartJog network
  • Hardware & Operating systems stands for the hardware aspects of the SmartJog service as well as the Operating systems used to operate these hardware
  • Software & Core applications stands for specific, internally developed, solutions that SmartJog implemented

Since its early days, SmartJog has never hosted one single component of its file delivery service on-premises.

The SmartJog network and infrastructure is a perfect balance between our chosen ressources hosted on-premise datacenters and the ones provided by the IaaS vendors.

This way, we do control the full line of our service.

From the hardware servers, network routers and storage to Databases, Web servers and security applications, all of our infrastructure is hosted in private datacenters, named as Points of Presence (PoP).

In order to avoid any intrusion, the whole structure is a set of multiple layered DMZs. Each segment of the network does not trust any other segment.

The entire SmartJog network and all associated processes are supervised 24/7 in order to offer a high quality of service.

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