Smartjog Showcases Cutting-Edge Media File Transfer Solutions at IBC 2023


Smartjog, a leader in accelerated media asset delivery, is set to make a significant impact at the IBC 2023 yearly show in Amsterdam. The company will be showcasing its cutting-edge solutions that demonstrate its value proposition in terms of media file delivery workflow optimization, cloud and hybrid cloud on-premises agility, monitoring and prioritization capability, and high-level security. As the media and entertainment industry continues to grow rapidly, the need for efficient, secure, and flexible delivery solutions has never been more critical.

Accelerating Media File Transfer Workflows

The demand for media content is at an all-time high, and companies like Smartjog have been paving the way for seamless, efficient content delivery. By attending IBC 2023, Smartjog will demonstrate how its innovative solutions continue to revolutionize media asset delivery workflows, reducing the time and effort required to transport assets between production, post-production, and distribution phases. Smartjog will communicate how its specific transfer protocol (RBC) allows reliable data transfers to operate at the maximum link speed under all network conditions, including low latency and packet loss, and therefore add strong resiliency to its platform high performance.
By streamlining these processes, Smartjog enables media companies to focus on their core business activities while ensuring that their content is delivered promptly and securely.

Embracing Hybrid On-Premises / multi-Cloud Agility

Smartjog’s approach to media asset delivery leverages the power of hybrid on-premises and multi-cloud infrastructures (AWS, Azure, Google…). This flexibility allows clients to adapt their content delivery strategies based on their unique needs, taking advantage of the scalability, cost savings, and rapid deployment that cloud technologies offer. By attending IBC 2023, Smartjog will showcase how its solutions can easily integrate with existing on-premises systems or migrate completely to the cloud, providing unparalleled agility to media companies of all sizes.

Enhancing Monitoring and Prioritization Capabilities

Smartjog’s participation in IBC 2023 also highlights its advanced control and prioritization capabilities. The company’s sophisticated monitoring tools provide real-time visibility into the status of media assets, enabling users to make data-driven decisions on prioritizing tasks and specific urgent deliveries. This ensures that the most critical content reaches its destination on time and without compromise. Furthermore, Smartjog’s customizable dashboards and alerts help organizations stay in control of their global media workflows, allowing them to respond swiftly to potential bottlenecks or issues.

Prioritizing High-Level Security

As cyber threats continue to evolve and target the media and entertainment industry, the importance of robust security measures cannot be understated. Smartjog has been committed for more than 15 years to providing high-level security for its clients, including major studios and tier 1 broadcasters, safeguarding their valuable media assets from unauthorized access and potential cyber-attacks. By attending IBC 2023, Smartjog will showcase its multi-layered security approach, including military grade encryption, data integrity via MD5 electronic signature, secure access controls, and continuous monitoring of potential threats. Media companies can trust Smartjog to protect their content as it moves through the delivery pipeline, ensuring the integrity of their assets and brand reputation.

Smartjog’s attendance at IBC 2023 highlights its commitment to innovation and the development of cutting-edge media file trasnfer solutions. By demonstrating its platform world-class capabilities, Smartjog will be at the forefront of providing efficient, secure, and flexible solutions that redefine media asset delivery.

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